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defining lines; drawing and writing

A Path, A Creek, A Snake

There are so many ways to move through the world. I see the folks who’ve chosen to be oblivious. I wonder about sweet oblivion. I can’t do it. I am a natural born wonderer, for better or worse. I dream and create, sometimes obsessively, in my head. Lately I’ve made it a point to look around me and see. I have to make it a point to do this because humans generally drive me nuts and, even though I’m one of us, I’m tired of us. Given the choice of being infuriated or detached, I usually choose to be detached (which is close to oblivious but not quite the same, to me at least). This is a phase. I’m sure. I’ll find my way free. I think. How many bitter old men have I known? So many! It isn’t any wonder that a thinking man might become tired of the way of things and turn inside, arrange his inner being, and watch the world fall to pieces. It’s an option, albeit a sad one.

My favorite people are the Observers. They are the ones with the curly smiles and the secret light in their eyes. They not only see the fly in their soup, they are laughing about it. Yes, we are messy, the entire lot of us, but we are here and life is what we do. So I’ve been looking around and here’s what I see. Here’s my non-video, non-photo show. I am the filter. You are both participant and recipient. The world is the stage. We are dancing and tumbling and flinging our arms while the stars spin fire and the whales sing hymns under the wild and wondrous sea.

At the bottom of the grade from high desert to low there’s a creek that sometimes runs, it’s running now. It comes off the reservation and runs itself to death in the desert. I like to stop and climb down below the highway, take my clothes off and sit in the hole where the water swirls deeper. I’ve added rocks for the last 20 years so that this hole will hold enough water to be chest deep when I’m sitting. I think others, probably kids, have added rocks too. I sit and think about the small society of creek sitters, those of us who would sit and listen to the cars as they rocket past above the creek and the concrete and the graffiti that says Mikki loves Cody and then medicated. I don’t think the words were from the same person and I would assume that it didn’t mean that Mikki loves Cody to be Medicated. But maybe.

The desert is big today. Even the giant airliner looks small as it tilts and shows me it’s silver underbelly like a fish gliding past with the sky as it’s sea. There are the big white props generating electricity from the wind and they are standing where they stand and they are turning in unison, now and then a broken one sits, ashamed. I can see every crease in San Jacinto, every possible passage to the summit. Miles of granite and buckbrush and juniper and finally ponderosa. There are a thousand years of wandering in those folds, I think of all the rocks that will never feel human touch. I wonder if the rocks are lonely or content with solitude. I hope they know I think of them so that when I turn to dust, they will recognize my particulates and welcome me. Rocks have been here for a long time. They’ve seen a lot. Rocks hold the ground down.

There’s an old black guy that walks along the path that I run. Or maybe I run the path that he walks, I don’t know which. He’s got a beard and wears a hat, he’s probably 62. He looks fit and light. He always raises his hand to me and I do the same back. I feel like we’re friends. I’m glad we meet in that little space on the trail where we nod and smile and see one another. I wonder what makes him walk. Sometimes I see him twice, out and back, and yesterday he raised his arm and made a fist when I saw him the second time. It was like he was telling me that he liked that I was running. It made me happy and content to be in the world and to be running and to have a common path with a maybe 62 year old man.

They cut an old tree down near Brian’s house. It was probably 75 years old. A desert ponderosa, short and squatty and thick and healthy. There wasn’t a reason, it was just not a part of the plan anymore. Beetles and bugs have been passing for days, migrating out of the tree that was their home and the home of their ancestors for as long as any of them can remember. I hope they find another home. It will be tough here in the desert to find a spot before the onset of summer. I hope some of that old tree’s pinecones get dropped along the way so that she can live through her children. It’s not smart to be a tree near humans; you never know what we’re gonna do.

Several years ago I found a weasel that had been hit by a car on the side of the road. It was so amazing. It was a little male mustelid with the sharpest teeth ever known. It was open-mouthed and looked dangerous even though it’s guts were out on the asphalt. I picked it up and took it about a hundred yards to a big pepper tree in the field. I set it down in the grass and looked at it a little more. That tree is gone and the field is plowed now. I guess they are going to build houses there in that space. I wonder how much water it will take to fill all the swimming pools.

This morning is quiet. My running partner, Scout, is looking at me with yellow eyes. If he had the power to get whatever he wanted we would have been running at 4:30 this morning. Right now he is trying to figure out how to speak human so that he can convince me that it’ll be so great to run. He is young and powerful. He’s a Malinois breed and he was bred for war, I just run with him and that seems to be fine. I’m glad he’s not at war. A while back we came across a huge gopher snake that was beginning a treacherous journey across a busy road. I saw a big truck coming and I couldn’t help myself (cars are not fair to animals), I stepped out with Scout at my side. The truck had plenty of time to stop. The snake was hot and in a powerful mood. I touched it’s tail and it hissed and moved out. Scout watched intently but quietly. He is beautifully behaved because of his owner and my good ol’ buddy, Brian, and the training they do together. The big snake moved. The truck waited. Scout watched with a tilted head. For whatever reason the driver of the truck liked what I had done. He waved. I waved back. The snake went his way and I began to run again. So did Scout. It was one of those days when I am simple and happy.

Prologue: One of my favorite writers died recently. He often wrote about death and grief and what they mean to us, how they affect us. He died. Just like that. He wrote a piece about hearts and hummingbirds and whales and banana pancakes and I read it everyday for a month. When my sister was in a coma from a terrible car crash, I read that piece to her. I sat next to her hospital bed in a tattered orange shirt that I wore like a uniform at the time. Later I found out that she remembered everything and she asked me what I had read to her. Joyas Volaradas by Brian Doyle, I replied. It’s so beautiful is it not? I remember the part in that bit of writing that I cannot read aloud without feeling the tears come into my eyes. It’s near the end and it is as pretty as the sunrise. Brian Doyle did not know me, but he was an observer and a story teller and a human that felt what humans feel. I will visit his thoughts in the words he wrote and I will attempt to tell stories with his level of compassion and wonder. Rest in peace, Brian Doyle, and carry on.

Show Your Teeth

Cannon is 4, he holds up four fingers with the thumb tucked when he says it. His folks let him be in the pool with me whenever they please. Cannon is safe with me. He’s safe with me anywhere.

Tonight I saw a meteor fall in the evening sky over Moreno Valley. It was the biggest light I’ve ever seen from a meteor. Green then white and then the colors of fire in an evening sky with a half moon. With so much light pollution, I just couldn’t believe how much light it created. I half expected to hear the impact and prepare for whatever that means. My lover, 300 miles north, saw the flash from her tent in Death Valley. The world is small in relation to the cosmos; so very, very tiny. I am smaller yet. And little Cannon, he’s smaller even then.

We talked in the pool, Cannon and I. He’s bright and worldly, like an animal. He was naked and full of that otterish disposition that I see in kids that love water. He was on my knees. In the midst of flying arms and flashing butt, he slowed for just a moment and said something I barely heard over his clamor. “All of Life is through my head.” I thought I heard it, but I couldn’t believe it came from his mouth. I slowed his wildness and asked him to say again. “All of Life is through my head.”

Do you hear this? Do you hear what my little love has said?

I asked him what he meant. I feared that too many questions would squelch the loveliness that had just flashed through the sky of the mind of the child. He said more, “All the things and the pictures and the dreams of the world are in my head.” And here I am laid low, a stumbling layman in the presence of God. Then the child’s eyes to the sky, “and that’s beautiful and that’s beautiful and that….” his finger pointing to eucalyptus trees and towhees and blue blue sky.

Are you here? I don’t think I’m the most intuitive of us all. I don’t claim to understand people. I struggle with being too cross with my judgements and too sure of my views. But when the bats fly over the New Mexican canyons I feel my heart become rivers. If the whale plunges from her world beneath and shows her belly to our sun, I will fall on my knees, I will worship. When pieces of the Universe fall and turn to fire over the hills in Southern Cal, I will listen, I mean I will damn listen and say, “I am here.” Then, when this child/god says to me, “All Life is through my head”, I will hear him and love him for his heart. I will follow him through the fire-hate we humans are tending. I will give him audience and room to speak and, in the end, I will trust him to bury me and bury me good and deep.

I asked him then if dreams were real. He told me so very honestly that he did not know. He said that some things were real and some things were made up. I agreed. I felt the time fleeting and I saw him falling away into the world I cannot reach; one where I’m included but not necessary. In these seconds that fall, I can’t help but chase and fail. It’s true, I’m no child. So he flew like the birds that are beautiful and I choked on my adulthood.

But give me words that mean something. Give me hearts that beat with fear of the wild wind. Give me eyes that look into the green and murky water and expect the swimming lions. Please, for the sake of the stars, allow me reverence at the altar of the wilderness. And send the storms. Save room for my knees so that I can worship. Hold me in the rip current and teach me the smallness of me. There are nights to weather and mosquitos to swat and accept, there are distances to cover, bones to break and pretty words to misplace in my buckbrush mind. There are friends to bury and races to lose. I have yet to be tired of a perfect morning, where my coffee is strong, my heart is full and my body finds purchase in the world into which it was born.

There is more to say, but probably less that I can say well. So instead, let me listen. Oh please let me have enough heartbeats to impress the ones that love me. I will fall down and pray to the children and the moon, give me heartbeats to show how much I love this wild, wild Earth. Listen, if to nothing else, that I love the whales and the tiny birds. That I love the little creeks in the aspens and that I’m a product of something good. And by good, I mean small but quite toothy. Also, please, if you don’t mind, call me an animal– nothing grand, perhaps a minnow or a beetle. Just call me something wild.

“All Life is through my head.” Things are beautiful. Follow the children. Show your teeth.

the Edge

He first noticed something in his gate, not so much a clumsiness, but a lack of fluidity. It’s not like he’d ever been a long strider anyway. No one ever confused him with a person of graceful movement. At five foot, eight inches and 145 lbs, you are what you are, and that’s not long and smooth. Since he was old enough to have some kind of self perception, he had always pictured himself as a weasel, maybe a mink. A stone-hopper. A rubble-scrambler. He was not a gazelle nor a horse, not even an elk. Amongst the hooved, he might be some form of sheep. Not that he ever thought about it, well, actually he did.

So maybe because of his self-consciousness he noticed that he was shuffling more than before. When he first started this trek, he had more spring in his step. It’s been some time. He’s been through shoes. Until now, he’d just blamed the changes on aging, that and weariness. Now he’s not sure. It might be something else altogether. Too many days alone will have an affect on you; peeling away the layers, opening those hatches and latches that a busy mind would purposefully ignore. When you’re alone for long enough, you’ll eventually find yourself staring down into the dark basement of your mind. And the basement is not just a room, it’s a world of itself where graves are shallow and beasts prowl with broken limbs, a dreamland of banished thoughts where bristling memories scurry from the light and peer back at you with a strange and familiar fury.

He had avoided his reflection. No streams. No puddles. Now he sat staring at himself in the warped tin on the bottom of his thermos. Something different there. Something distant. He began to hum the way his Mama used to hum when he would rub her back. Another way of sliding out from under the thumb of reality. And humming, he walked. How many days since the last city? A season’s worth of walking since the last voice that wasn’t his own. And what about that last person full of sarcasm at the why of his journey? He made it a point to change his explanation after that. Why tell anyone that he is following some internal compass to somewhere that will present itself in a fashion that he will know but remain dumb to explain?  It’s crazy. He remembers the words of the Mad Farmer’s Manifesto, “as soon as the generals and politicos can predict the motions of your mind, lose it….” And so he did. He had, most definitely lost his mind. And somewhere in the losing of it, he began to change. First it was inward, he could feel it in the night while the fire burned. His body became cavernous and the needle-toothed bats swarmed the ceilings of his mind, the naked mole-rats dug blindly through the dark green-black guano of his guts, and from the center of his world there were groans from sources that aren’t listed in taxonomical records; beasts and beings exiled from creation, but existent nonetheless. Then came the first outward, physical change. His hair. Long, wiry, black and silver hair. First it grew from the tops of his fingers and toes, then it spread to his hands. Now, in the reflective tin, he could see the hair coming off the tops of his ears, off his cheekbones and even a couple off his nose. He noticed a change in his amble. His legs and feet constantly ached. All the walking and fasting made his body become the machine that it was supposed to be. Humans are deemed to walk. We are old pathmakers, all of us. He looked down at his strange feet and grunted. “Animal.” He said it aloud to himself, but also, to the world.

Now and then, he would feel dizzy. This he blamed on lack of food and poor nutrition. Once he woke up and realized he had passed out while walking down the side of a steep hill. He must have tumbled a bit, his knuckles were bloody and it took a minute to realize what had happened. He read once that a pig was the fastest animal to go from domestic to feral. Supposedly long black hair sprouted from their backs within months of running free. How long for humans to go feral?  Probably depends on the person. Two ravens circled and croaked. He stood and swayed and hobbled down the rest of the hill, a raggedy man in a play with no audience, acting in clothes that no longer fit. Crossing an open field, he stopped and looked at the trees that lined the horizon, he could see them breathing under the sky. Of course they were breathing, fuck, listening too. Across and into the woods. His direction was determined by the lay of the land and the angle of the sun. At night he followed the stars, all familiar and twinkling, especially the polestar. Venus was the brightest, coldest light in the sky when he stopped moving. He roasted chicory and drank the bitter tea and slept inside his blankets where dreams wriggled from their holdings like quicksilver from a broken pot. This night he dreamt he awoke among the floatwood at the strandline of the sea, his body was half emerged from a casing like those casings laid by dogfish. He flailed and gasped and stared, wide-eyed, at the retreating tide. He was something between man and eel and his mouth gaped and gulped. He could hear the fluting of the frigate birds descending with their scissor tails and razor beaks. The sand covered his eyes. The sea and the birds and the fear of death caused him to wake. He was calling. And there wasn’t anyone, just the night. He remembered the words of Wendell Berry’s Mad Farmer — “Listen to the carrion, put your ear close and hear the faint chattering of things to come….”

Mountains marched the horizon, dragging the trees. The sky was some color between grey and the blue between there and black, and there was a wind that matched the colors. His feet had changed to the point that he no longer doubted that something was off. His legs bowed out. His arms were thinner than they had ever been in his adult life. The land was wild and rough. The trees that lived here were wind worried and twisted, the product of gravity and pushing forces. Mystery lives unblemished on the edges of the earth. For the last week, the stars haunted the daytime skies and the moon seemed broken and hollow, maybe not real. He heard voices and sometimes called out to them, but they would only pause and then begin anew. After a while he allowed them to speak without disruption, a constant unintelligible uttering. Something was going on with his back, his shoulder blades felt dislocated and the arc of his spine limited his movement. Nothing was left. No packs. No clothes. No pen to draw and no paper to bear the lines as witness. No comforts. The basics were his way of living in those days before he came to the Edge. At first he thought maybe it was a canyon, something he might circumnavigate, but after some deliberation he realized it was simply, the Edge. He spent some hours looking out. More thoughts of the Mad Farmer, “Leave it as a sign to mark the false trail, the way you didn’t go.” The gulf was all of the space of the present moment and he was at the Edge. When he stood to move, something broke free in his back, like a bone long out of place that moves to it’s intended spot. Transformation is essential to growth but from growth there is no return, all is progression. He was past being surprised by his changes, so the wings that broke from his back, quaking and shivering, gave him little pause. And they rose with a mind of their own, unfettered, furious and ranting, like horses held back from the race. His wings, harbingers of flight. All that ever was became a perfect presentness. And he lost his mind and tipped into the star-flung sky buried below him while his wings took him into spaces that would not have ever been found had he never ventured. There is eternity in the blink of an eye. And spinning and fleeting, the cosmos, disregarding past and future, swallowed him entire.

Dark the night,

Dark the sea,

Dark these churning guts

in me.

I cry to muscle,

and beg to bone,

lift this heart and take

me home.  — TLC

We are all children of the universe and eventually we will all return to our source; some screaming and clawing like naughty teens, some solemn, and some with a wild and adventurous heart and gleaming teeth. The last was my buddy and compadre, Chris Pilaro, who went on before me, to light fires in the dark so that I might find my way. Carry on, Chris, you fucking stud! This writing is for you as is today’s adventure and tonight’s whiskey from a tin cup. See you in the big whatever else, brother.  Love.   Tobias

Help (me).

Lately, how many times have you picked something up to read it and then put it down when it doesn’t say what you need it to say? If you are me, and I am, it happens a whole lot. So that is not what I want to happen here in this bit of writing.

When speaking of beliefs, there’s what you believe and then there’s everything else that doesn’t jive with your heart, or in other words, everything else that is wrong. I struggle with this. I sometimes climb up on my high horse so far that I can’t even see the heads of the ignorant peasants far below.

I’ve been exploring inside my heart lately. Mean-heartedness and righteousness are not really a good mix when it comes to communication.

I’ve always believed in this whole breathing thing. You know, like, if you don’t breathe, it’s tricky to stay alive. So I’ve latched onto that — Breathing. We all do it. I’m not even being sarcastic (for once), I really do believe breathing and what it does for me.

I went home to see my Mama. She got her knee changed out. My folks have grown old and I saw it this last time home. I spent some nights in bed thinking about not having them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not dead yet, but life’s wear and tear was obvious to me as I sat and talked with them. I worked on Mom’s back, felt her old bones, rubbed her stove up shoulder and massaged her feet while she closed her pretty eyes and smiled just a tiny bit. We talked about breathing and I showed her some exercises that have helped me rehab my back and neck.

Sit up straight. Breathe into the high chest. Spread the ribs. Keep the spread and breathe out through the belly, be strong and tall, use the air to stretch the cage.  5 full breaths to start. Chin in and crown to the sky. 

I was saying these things over and over to my Dear One. It’s tough to get old folks to change, but my Ma did it and felt better. I went back and went over it all with her again. I called her every day and asked if she had done her breathing. She answered yes, and that it made her feel taller. I still check in and she’s still practicing the routine I set out for her. What a cool ol’ gal! My sweet Mother has always loved her flowers, she’s a perennial herself.

My parents and I do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. We do not. That doesn’t change a thing when it comes to me wanting to reduce the pain and suffering in their lives. This is good for me to understand. It’s really important. There is a greater application to this —  Breathing is a starting point for us all.

I got hit by a car the other day when I was running. City runs have their own elemental dangers, just as mountain runs might. I choose mountain runs any day over the city, but sometimes I’m stuck in town for work. I went around a corner, a driver wanted to get somewhere faster, they illegally turned and got me from the side as I was turned watching for traffic in the other direction. I bumped up on the trunk of the car and did a kind of roll. The car’s brakes squealed. The driver hunkered down and sped off with nary a peek in the rearview.  I spun off the back and landed on my feet facing the opposite direction, mad as a cornered cat. I let out a long string of curse words in between attachments to political affiliations as I scampered off.  None of what I said made a damn bit of sense, but I was in a little rage and I was gonna say what I felt like saying. My rump was bruised, and my ego, but that was it. A fella in a city truck pulled up as I ran, his window came down and he asked if I was ok. This surprised me and pulled me outa my innerverse of lightning and lava. I told him, yeah. He shook his head and said, “People, man.” I answered, yeah, people. I finished my run. By the end, my thoughts had returned to my breathing. Ribs expanding. The sky coming in.

Opposition is a kind of darkness. Two sides that cannot be separated (and we can’t be separated because we are all in this world, like it or not) are in a room together and the darkness or blindness descends. We take our beliefs, like baseball bats in the dark, and begin swinging with all our might. Sooner or later, if we don’t create some light, we’re gonna get hurt. So, how to find light?

I’ll tell you where I find light, but you must look for it yourself and in your own way. I find light when I put my arm around my kid brother as he is talking about the geese flying between the pines and I feel the drone of his voice through his rawbone ribs. I find light when I follow that one path, just north of San Francisco where the grass is chest high and the smell of meadow and the clack of the yellow-winged grasshoppers and the color of the dirt all combine to reduce me to the smallest soul on a spinning world. I find light in the tops of the coastal Cypress trees when the wind is screaming in off the Pacific and I am hanging on for this dear life. I find it in the sticky old shoulder of my Mother, while I work my fingers under her scapula and tug and hear my Mama’s lovely whimper as old pain leaves her body. I find light in the heart of my buddy, Foster, as he feeds the feral, 3 legged cat that he couldn’t help but save because, behind his scarred up fighter face, there is an ocean of thoughtfulness.

A friend recently pointed out that cynicism is a closed circle, that it feels good but leads to nowhere. I’ve noticed a ton of cool cynicism lately. It’s like our culture is promoting it. It bums me out because I kinda always thought that it was my jam, what’s up with everyone horning in on my act? I’ve decided to cut back. Rather than being cynical, I’m trying to be an observant student. I want to be a good animal. I want the earth to be stoked to receive me when I turn back to dust. I think I’ll start with breathing and moving and looking for light.



Note: I rarely dispense this kind of knowledge in my writing, but this has really made a difference for me, a couple of my buddies, and my Ma.  It’s just a suggestion so don’t think I’m a doctor or  a warlock or a sooth-sayer. It’s just good (and free, which is great). It’s mostly breathing. If you have pain in your body, give “decompression” breathing a try. It has helped me stay in motion. Doesn’t matter your age or fitness level, it will help. This ain’t an infomercial, I just think it’s good to reduce suffering and clear the mind so we can all see one another. You know, like, get outa the dark. There are places to find instruction (like youtube– Eric Goodman). Free info. Another such place is the Instagram of  Shane Cuppett @foundationshane. I don’t know him at all but his info is solid and there are examples like the stuff I shared with my Mama. 

Ok there, that felt kinda weird but whatev’s. I’m kinda weird too. Basics will help us find a way through the dark.



Fuzzy Dot

Actual Ass

These are my thoughts on technology, which is similar to a chimpanzee giving a dissertation about the state of the economy. But whatev’s, a chimp might do a better job than a politician.

I like the idea of using modern devices to avoid icebergs, it’s smart and prevents ships from sinking. I don’t think everyone needs to be checking their phones for icebergs. And I don’t think an iceberg is any more special when used as a backdrop for everyones’ selfie.

I like to climb. I often climb alone, I have been doing it for years. I don’t want to explain this too much (boring) but there are systems that work if you are a student of the craft. I use these systems and know them well. Today, while I was setting up a climb, I noticed several climbers had stopped to watch. I paid little attention but noticed three groups had their phones out and were filming. Some groups had more than one person filming. I finally said something to the closest person. I asked if he was getting some really good stuff. He said, “I’m waiting for the kill-shot.” I realized they all thought I was doing something foolish and dangerous (I wasn’t) and they were filming me in case I died. Um, I feel like this is a place I can interject something. –This is a modern age of know-it-alls. At every turn there is someone looking up what has just been said in order to disprove it. I’m all for asking questions, but I’m more into the thought process that goes with knowing more. Looking something up on google does not prove your knowledge base nor does it make you more thoughtful. Actually thinking makes you more thoughtful. The world is fast becoming dummies behind little screens. And so climbers that didn’t know better, instead of speaking and asking questions, stood behind their phones to film me so they might be the author of an internet sensation. Excuse me while I just say this, bullshit.

It never hurts to ask how something is done.  I owe much of my knowledge to my mentors. Men and Women who taught me my stance. Men who taught me the language of my heart. Women who taught me that strength comes from a woman and is bestowed upon men. These are values to which there is no measure, they have made me.

I love pictures. I love the pictures we can share through the various forms of internetlandia, but….but, it’s just gone too far. We are not that cool looking. These cameras/phones, and yes, I have one, are little mirrors. Every time we check our “likes” we are looking in the mirror. Remember that when you hear those little beeps calling you to see who said what about the hot little picture you took of yourself in front of the buffalo/mountain/glacier/tree/waterfall/sunset/caged lion/thunderstorm/riot, you are petting yourself. You are looking in the mirror. I’m not saying don’t check your look, I’m just saying that there’s a max and most of us are too self-absorbed.  I’m not above taking a peek in the mirror to see if maybe I don’t look quite as stupid as I feel. Remember: the world is beautiful and we are most beautiful when we are aware of being. Pictures are not proof of our existence. They are images without a soul from our past. Sometimes we need to simply be here and leave the wonder to our minds, not our picturetakers.

Communication is good. I watched some fella on the telly giving reasons why he was checking his phone during his interview. He said he was staying abreast of the events so he could give the most up-to-date information possible. I was thinking, that I just don’t care. Folks aren’t as good at conversing as they were 10 years ago. It’s true. Coffee shops are not for talking. Even drinking coffee seems like just an excuse to be plugged into the web. My nephews, children of the modern age, are often unable to chuck a football with me because they were up all night pretending to be at war on their xboxes. By the way, it ain’t healthy for your kid to practice war on some game. Just like you don’t need to practice being miserable. War exists, we don’t need to glorify it. Training for war is rough enough, playing war and talking smack and thinking your tough because you play a game is delusional. I know what I’m talking about here, some of my most trying moments came as a U.S. Recon Marine. It ain’t a game. Yeah, so, where was I? Oh yeah, communication, it’s nice to be able to talk things out. Opinions are great and don’t really need to run parallel. As a people, if we all had opinions based on solid observation of our physical world, we would be doing ok. Political stance, race, religion, sexual preference and social status aside, we all have hearts and minds, maybe we could take some time and use them.

I want to point something out. I’m not against all things technical. I love typewriters. There’s nothing negative to say about an old manual typewriter, unless I’m in your house making a racket and typing at 4 a.m. because I can’t sleep. And bicycles, the world is a better place because of bicycles. Most of what we own is disposable. Convenience is a drug. Tiny water bottles and throw-away bags are no-goes. We gotta get better than that. Cigarette butts should be stored in our house with us so we can know that we might ought’a just grow tobacco out back and smoke it from a pipe instead of giving money to the big dogs.

Humans need to tribe up. We need to be more able to live on our own and pay less into the big machine. WE should dictate through consuming less. The machine is strong and we need to take the power back by being capable, thoughtful, simple, beautiful human beings.

All said, we need to kick more actual ass…not virtual.



I’ve been jumping fences for over 40 years now. I am finding ways to be (at least a little) graceful on the outside. It’s no use to cross over and hide–far better to show others that abnormal is beautiful and normal is average.

Societal norms are shallow, manipulative and unimaginative. Individuality is personal freedom.

Muscles aren’t for show, they are for jumping huge gaps and crossing barren wastelands. They are for swimming against the current and running up stoney paths. And that muscle in your chest? That thunder-maker in your ribs? Oh that, muscle is made for carrying life to your brilliant mind, so that you can think, and love, and remember that not everything new is good and not everything old is acceptable. It is what allows us the privilege to be human and to know what that means.

Flex your muscles. Find your heart. Free your mind.


Running from the dark is a form of pretending. I know it is, because I do it sometimes. But there is no end to the darkness and the night will always find you. Our personal expression, our internal lamp, can’t shine if we are fearful. Out in every darkness there are single points of light. They are people who shine like you. They are the Ones who’ve covered the ground we are walking. They are the early hearts. They are the way givers. But before they found the way, they ran from the darkness. And they looked to the Ones before them. And so this is our fashion, this is our way. To fear and flee, to find courage and look for light, to set our bearings on the light and navigate the darkness, then, when we are ready, we shine the light for others.

These are old metaphors. They’ve been around since the early hearts struck fire from the stones and danced in caves and drew their imaginings across the walls by firelight. But there is a reason that things like this continue while generations of brilliant minds turn back to dust –that old and wondrous, five letter looking glass: Truth.

Shine. At least a little. For the babies. and the whales. and the foxes. and the sequoias.

Shine to help the young hearts find the way.

Take your time. Know your truth. And then,


Go Love

My truest living is when I’m loving.

It is the love of the early morning in all it’s pearliness and solitude. It is the love of my memories, both tragic and wondrous. It is that perfect descending call of the canyon wren. It is the smell of saw grass. It is the form of my lover beneath the giant junipers. It is sky. It is the long lashes of my little buddy, Abe. It is my Mother and Father as they are.

Life is defined by love. Real love, the kind I’m talking about, comes from the way-down-deep-inside part of the heart. That place kept secret from the schemers and the haters. It is the hidden place. It is the most of you.

And no matter how careful you are, if you love, you will suffer. Because with love there is always loss. Whether it is choice or tragedy, all things pass. So to live is to love is to suffer. This allows me clarity, this thought: Since I love to live, and since I know I will suffer, I might as well love with all my might.

And so I aim to suffer gracefully, to love mightily, and live like a wave rolling towards the rocks in that unflinching way that waves do. So that when I’m done, I’m broken apart, atomized and splintered and spread out with nothing left. Back to the basics.

I remember the highway in Kansas. The storm had been brewing all morning and the plains swallowed the distance in such a way that we seemed afloat in a sea of grass and wind. My dad saw the tornado drop down about a mile away and he hollered over the sound of the BMW 750 motorcycle. I came out of my daydream. I was 12years old. The sky was from the Wizard of OZ and the storm had closed in on all sides. We turned down a dirt road and stood in a flimsy shed with a huge oak bending to the ground just out the open air window. The clouds were dark and dark and the lightning danced crazily in every direction, and they danced and connected the fields to the belly of the sky. I remember being afraid and alive. I remember the strong look on my dad’s face. I remember loving my dad and thinking that there wasn’t a tornado big enough to pull me from his grip. 

–we are lightning, we are lightning, here we are, dancing on the belly of the sky.

Now, go love.

The Heart is a Bell


This is a letter to you, whoever you are. These words aren’t for sale, nor am I. My words are for the heartbroken and the ones who feel left behind. They are for the foresaken. They are for the forgotten. This is bone soup, take it in and let it make you stronger. There is a song in the bell that is your heart, and I’m just the one to strike it. This is for you, if you are a woman. It’s for you, if you are from another land where another flag is flying. It’s for you if you believe in nothing. It’s for you if you are a warrior. It’s for you if you are gay or lesbian or transexual. It’s for you if you love a different God or no God at all. It’s for you if you have a baby or lost a baby . It’s for you if you are not the same color as me. Or were born in the middle of America.  It’s for you if you’ve been raped or abused and left to find the pieces you believe yourself to be. It’s for you if you are young and unsure. It’s for you if you are old and losing the memories of your precious life.  It’s for you if you are afraid and hiding. It’s for you, all of you, even the one’s who hate.

There are things that are and then there are things I believe to be. I’m affected by emotion and words. I allow the world to interact with my heart. It’s my choice. The path I’m on is the path I’ve chosen and there’s a good amount of power in that knowledge alone. Every day I make decisions that lead to an array of actions. This is life. I choose what to eat and drink and say. I live in a fairly alternative fashion. Since I was in the Marine Corps, I’ve never owned a house. I’m listed as homeless. I travel in a dolphin RV and my mind is a catalogue of places to which I might travel and stop. I sleep in caves and basements and under the wild and burning stars. I see my friends and eat food with them. I’m invited to hundreds of places, so many that I cannot visit them all. I try to bring more than I’m given, but it’s difficult because my friends are such givers. My experiences cover a broad spectrum from noble to distasteful. I am a man of mistakes and re-do’s. I have been a leader of men and I’ve been led by powerful men during dangerous times. I needn’t spend much time with someone to know if I can follow them, it’s a character thing. And I don’t mind following, if I believe in my leader. I like to kick ass for strong people, in fact, I love it.

And here’s the in-between. Here’s the deal. No one, no country, no man, no lover, no king…owns your heart. Only you, my dear, can own that clunking engine. Only you control that wonderful bell of truth that hangs in your rib cage. We all have a wilderness inside us and our hearts sit in the midst of our being. Life is lost without the heart and so, with the heart, there is always power. There is no controlling the wild heart. It is our connection to the cosmos and the fires that burn from distant stars. And in the petty workings of humanity, in the chaos of our machines, under the silly pretenses of our elections and positions, we still own our fiery hearts. What glory and power!

Leading is secondary. A leader is powerless if no one follows. I have simple rules for who I will follow:

— They must respect women. This is simple. This is because I love my mother. My position and strength as a man is a result of the patience of the women who love me. Anyone who disrespects women is innately weak and not to be trusted.

— They must be fair. In other words, they must understand the qualities that lie beyond skin color or origin. This is the ability to see everyone as human and treat them with equality.

— They must be honest. This does not mean perfect, simply willing to admit when they are wrong and then make adjustments. I have little time for someone who has to tell me what they are through self-proclamation. A man doesn’t need to tell me how hard he works, I’d rather just work with him and find out for myself. The Truth of a person lies in how he is, not in how he says he is.

— They must be willing to listen to criticism and remain open-minded. If you are never wrong, you are a liar.

So here I am at the point. And these thoughts are easy like a Sunday morning. We have come to a point in America where we will overlook the character of our leaders in order to reach an agenda. There is no excuse for the choice we have made. Since when should we choose business savvy over basic human respect. Money is not the fix. Hateful words and dissonance are the opposite of strong leadership. When self-proclamation and hate become the vehicle to victory, we must check our loyalties.

Let me be clear. This is not a call for chaos. This is one heart, ringing like a bell. This is a call to the honest hearts. I am singing out for the ones who don’t know how to sing. I am sending a message that I want to be clear. I will not follow that which is weak. I am no sheep. I am a wolf.

“Make yourselves sheep, and the wolves will eat you.”

                                                           —  Ben Franklin


I intentionally did not use anyone’s name in this bit of writing. I want it to be clear that I will not follow anyone who fits the description above. Just because you have the title President does not mean I will respect you or follow you. I also did not write about my allegiance to the earth and her oceans and whales and trees and mountains. I am a servant of the earth herself and I believe in protecting her from greed and recklessness. This writing was for the hearts of the humans that need to find strength. Like it or not, this world (not just this nation) is our home. My heart is taking lessons from the ocean; it is wild and raging and uncontrolled.  And don’t forget Love. 

Remember that we are responsible for our own moral compass. Navigation is a perishable skill that requires constant practice. It is your duty to check your truth and make sure you are on a positive heading. Leave fear behind, it is unnecessary baggage. Be strong and walk with purpose.