tobias (noun):

  1. an individual human being; a member of the human race.
  2. the word “tobias” is a name given to this particular individual. it is a proper noun and so should be written as “Tobias”. (however, this definition will spell the name as it pleases)
  3. more specifically, this particular tobias is, among other things, an ocean swimmer, a barefoot runner, a lover of pre-dawn darkness, a wool-wearer, a tale-weaver, a secret night-time bike rider, a breath breather, a sad-song singer, a drawer of dreams, a deep river diver, a climber of trees. he is a talkative fella that is jealous of the quiet ones. he is a dirt-path walker. he looks at the distance with longing. he is the son of a preacher and also the son of the woman who the preacher was fortunate enough to marry.  he is a cave dweller and a tree house builder. and he sometimes, without warning and usually without knowing, will write something worth reading…or not.