Little Minds

by tobias crabtree

Beans is dreaming on the sofa. She’s obviously running in her dream, all four legs are flicking and twitching and her eyes are rolling under her blue lashes.

Where are you Beans? What wonderful world are you exploring? Are there bacon scented squirrels that never die, only lead you in fantastic chases? I want to see into her dreams and experience her senses. What incredible things her nose must smell! What wild thoughts! A world of wild cries and crow hops and torrid drops through brush choked hollows. Beans is sleeping, but she is dreaming and the dream looks to me like a real gem. Ah Beans!

The skunk has visited two nights in a row. He roots around under the rig for scraps that don’t exist. I’ve seen his tracks and they are bearlike. Skunks rummage. His smell is incredible and sits in the back of my throat in the night. Last night I even heard him snort–it might have been a sneeze. I smiled at the thought. For some reason, a sneezing skunk makes me smile. I like the stinky skunk. A few animals in the world give me a feeling of melancholy. Skunks and porcupines and pangolins have defenses that separate them from a rough-and-tumble world. I feel the need to scratch them all behind the ears and let them know I feel their plight, they have defenses that create barriers. Hearts are out there in the woods, beating and drumming, bright eyes are peering through ferns. The gravity of the forest pulls me inward. I am held in elliptical patterns, swinging close and far, like a planet to a sun, like a moon to a world. My personal tides are affected by my relationships to mountains. There are canyons to be followed and fingers that lead to passages, saddles on the flanks of grand ranges. So much walking to be done. So many paths to trot. I am a vision collector, a dream grower, an image keeper. I struggle to translate the truth I see into the truth I tell. Sometimes a drawing. Sometimes a song. Sometimes a story. Mostly, I just think. There is a lovely space between the seer and the teller that refuses to be mapped. The struggling cartographers are the poets and the quiet hearted, the minstrels and the cave dwellers.

Somewhere, in a hole along the creek, a skunk is curled and dreaming, his wet, black nose is searching for grubs in the wonderland of his mind. And there, beneath twitching lip, a gleaming, white tooth.