by tobias crabtree

I’ve been jumping fences for over 40 years now. I am finding ways to be (at least a little) graceful on the outside. It’s no use to cross over and hide–far better to show others that abnormal is beautiful and normal is average.

Societal norms are shallow, manipulative and unimaginative. Individuality is personal freedom.

Muscles aren’t for show, they are for jumping huge gaps and crossing barren wastelands. They are for swimming against the current and running up stoney paths. And that muscle in your chest? That thunder-maker in your ribs? Oh that, muscle is made for carrying life to your brilliant mind, so that you can think, and love, and remember that not everything new is good and not everything old is acceptable. It is what allows us the privilege to be human and to know what that means.

Flex your muscles. Find your heart. Free your mind.