Freedom for Lovers

by tobias crabtree

The word freedom is loaded. I’m not really sure if freedom exists for humans. When we aren’t busy making up rules for everyone else, we’re busy limiting our own capacity. We are slaves to comfort and drugs and terrible television. We look at the other side and say oh my, what a shame. Religions cast cautious glances at one another. Races act hatefully against other races. This country touts itself as the land of the free, however, there are conditions. We were called the land of the free when we brought slaves from their homeland and whipped them in the fields. We were called the land of the free while we systematically hunted down every Native and put them on reservations, the ones that wouldn’t go got slaughtered. We called ourselves free back when women couldn’t vote and when color decided where we should sit on the bus.

Most recently we are witnessing the newest allowance, because this is how it works, we are allowed our freedoms. I’m not that confused about it all, I just think the words are wrong. We are as free as we are allowed to be, and here in the USA that’s pretty good, but it ain’t perfect. I don’t know why it took so long to allow folks to be folks. Gimme a break, like we should tell people that they are not equal because they don’t believe what we do! We are privileged beyond belief just to have blocks of cheese in our refrigerators but we will take time out to hate someone for loving someone else. And that is what it amounts to. It doesn’t mean you have to like it, there’s plenty I don’t like about the average human, but I don’t think I deserve more than them. Life is a struggle. Hearts are all on their own. We have the capacity to rise above the disgust and the meanness, but it’s tough because we gotta actually work to step outside what we believe to be true and allow the freedom.

I personally really love to see the smiles. Some of my good friends, men and women or whatever preferred gender pronoun they choose, are now free to be together and experience the benefits of being in this country. We are all fragile. We are all dependent on someone…and may the stars help you if you don’t have someone to depend on. As for me, I think I’ll love who I damn well please. And I want everyone else to do the same.

Rock on, you lovers.

(David Sedaris writes some whip smart satire about the freedoms of love in his newest book Let’s Explore Owls and Diabetes. It’s way smarter than anything I might write and from a different point of view than me. David’s gay…and awesome.)