Play the Fool

by tobias crabtree

Talent. Not really sure how to define it. I guess it’s something that an individual does better than others without having to try as hard. Seems to convey a kind of luck. I’m not really talented at many things. I can draw pretty good, but I love drawing and i’ve been doing it since I was too young to remember when I started, so that seems more like something I worked for. I’m good at waking up early in the morning, not sure if that counts…probably not. I can think of things I want to be good at but I’m not. I think I like people who are gifted and work hard. I like folks like Michael Jordan ( don’t know him personally, but I loved his fire ) who I think are gifted with a work ethic. I can think of other folks but most of them are already reading this and I don’t want them too get cocky.

Me? I think my talent is nonsense. I know I’m good at it. You wonder how I know? Yeah, well, a year and a half ago, I told one of my good friends that I’d do anything she needed for her birthday. Her man, Nick, was there and he said, “yeah, me too.” and then a funny thing happened. Elizabeth thought it over and said, “ok, Tob, I want one full day of no nonsense out of you and Nick.” That was her birthday wish from me. Now, I can make a pretty decent blueberry pie (so can she) and I can draw, like I said (so can she), and, umm, other stuff like carry wood and build fences or whatever. But what she chose for me to do was not do nonsense. That’s how I know I’m pretty godamn good at it. Also, I’d like to point out that she included Nick who is also talented in the same area — he can also jump-rope better than anyone I know, as well as play barefoot basketball and climb and run and make coffee and make plants grow and, also, make me laugh — so, yeah, we had to curtail our nonsense. And we mostly did and she had a great birthday, thanks to us putting our famousness away.

When I look around me, I see a collection of characters that add up in any company, but they all know how to be a fool. Funny how talent attracts talent. I think it might all boil down to the fact that I love to laugh. Yep, I can’t think of anything I like more than laughing until I cry…and on and on. It’s my drug of choice thank you, and if that’s how I die, that’d be fine by me. So I reckon that this is a shout out to my band of fools, and all those I don’t know, who, for whatever reason, are drawn to nonsense, and laughter, and the love of it all.

In the end, we need the levity, lest the heavy pull us under. And, believe me, the heavy will find us…so let’s laugh and play the fool till we gotta pay the piper.