by tobias crabtree

Someone lived in a house called Somewhere. It was on a hill with a decent view. Someone could see for miles from Somewhere, she looked across the land to where her neighbor’s house stood. Anyone lived with Everyone and his cousin, Them, in a house called Everywhere.

Someone didn’t mind an occasional visitor but she preferred solitude. She looked out her front window and didn’t see Anyone coming up the path to visit. She was surprised at the knock on the door. Someone was as pleasant as possible but didn’t really enjoy Anyone visiting unannounced. Secretly, she worried that He might bring Everyone, and she certainly didn’t like Him. When Anyone left, Someone shut the door and made herself a drink.

As will happen, day turned to night. Someone felt the shift. You know how that happens? There is a shift in the seasons of each day. There is the shift between morning and day, between day and evening, evening to night, then again in the late hours, there is yet another subtle change. And so it was that Someone felt the change as evening, sweet evening, came on. Evening, such a strange word. So Someone went upstairs to the window she enjoyed the most, it was the only window in the house that allowed her to look up into the mountains above her. There, higher up, is where No-one lived. She knew him well, but had never met him. From that single window in the upstairs, she spent hours watching No-one move about his house called Nowhere. Someone wondered what No-one was like. She wondered why she was so attracted to No-one and so annoyed by Anyone. She was strange and that was fine by her. As the stars burned wild above the mountains, the lights up in Nowhere blinked out. Someone was alone.

Morning came and Everyone was moving about in the valley below. Everyone looked up and saw her, she saw Them as well. She wondered if Anyone would come to visit again, and the thought put her in a bad mood. Someone took one last glance and saw Them walking over to Anyone. “Stay there,” she said aloud.

Several days later, Someone was looking up into Nowhere, hoping to see No-one. She was surprised to see No-one looking back at her. It was the first time he had noticed her. She waved, No-one waved back. Even from that distance, she could see No-one’s smile. He waved his hand in the motion that beckons. Someone pantomimed a question. Me, come there? No-one nodded.

Someone left for Nowhere as the sun dropped below the pines. She never returned. Her love was No-one, who lived in the middle of Nowhere, with her, Someone, from Somewhere that overlooked a valley where Anyone and Everyone lived.