subtracting tomorrows

by tobias crabtree

there is no substitute for the fiery love of family. when i think of the things that matter, family and tribe are synonymous. i don’t have to work these things out. i know who is who. fire-starters, seed-planters,wood-carvers,song-singers,long-runners,dream-readers,body-workers…they inhabit my life.the following words were an address to my sister not long ago in an email. i think they express, at the very least, love;  “…and there are sea birds continuously circling overhead. i see the ocean from my seat, beyond the ocean, the sky. and somewhere out there beyond the sky is tomorrow coming towards me. days are ticking off and pretty soon, if not already, i’ll have more yesterdays than i have tomorrows. funny how life is so quietly important when you give it due respect. eat right, drink water, breathe deep, love your heart, demonstrate your love through living correctly and healthfully, expect little and nurture compassion, appreciate the road that has formed you, don’t hurry towards your grave but don’t stall either, look inward to see outward. we are brave, fragile, sad, imaginative, wonderful creatures and our time is short. improve what you have just a tiny every day…In no time a little will be a lot.”