if you bury me deep…

by tobias crabtree

it’ll be fine

when it’s done, this pretty pretty life,  bury me deep.

it’s a lot to ask. i want to ask my brother because he loves me the most. but when i think of the wonder of placing that much love in the  ground, i hesitate. it’s such a heavy thing.

so maybe i should dig the hole under a suffering cedar. i’m just not sure if i have the wisdom to know when it’s time for me to lie down.

bu if i made a pact with you and spent my life planting flowers to the very last,

would it be in your heart to bury me deep?

just put my bones where the tree roots reach and the worms make room, where the structures of our world begin. and when you throw dirt on me, make sure you cover me good but leave off the fancy clothes. do not comb my hair and wire my mouth shut, let it gape into the other. push me down like a seed and don’t you worry, i’ll sprout in the spring.

please…good friend, bury me deep.