owl on a wire

by tobias crabtree

when the words are good, they paint pictures. you don’t need to wonder or ask someone, the pictures are there and they stop us. there is nothing in the world so HD as the imagination. we don’t need our dreams piped in for us with the newest 3D technology. if the words are good and the imagination takes flight, there is nothing else needed. turn the TV off, please. no, i don’t want Pandora. what i want can only be created with little symbols stacked just right so they will light the fire. and then i’ll let’r burn real good.

words that leak out of the soul, for reals, will settle into the right places.

(words written a couple months ago)

i looked up at the stars. billions? yeah, i think so. i saw some of my fav’s. they were up in force cuz the moon is somewhere near being new. i finally got up and had to walk and think. it wasn’t late but i was thinking i was ready for the sack and the sky was really wild and deep. an owl flew from behind me and decended down the  valley. i could see it easily against the sky that wasn’t black but instead, periwinkle. he never flapped. it looked almost like he was on a wire and was being pulled backstage over the horizon. it was perfectly quiet, except for the ringing in my ears…and that’s what quiet is to me anyway. i jumped across the rocks and went to the top of a formation. the rocks were still warm from a day of sun. i was restless and i went back down to my bed. i slept and dreamt of an owl that was unlike any real owl. some of his feathers were transparent and some were kinda grey and some were the softest reds and purples. he had white in his face and i think he was kindof myself. the dream was confusing and i woke. i was looking at a finch in the creosote above me. it was upside down eating some little seed or something. he had a yellow and green head. there was a snake track that went right around me and my pad. the sky was on fire and i made coffee.