tiny drawings

by tobias crabtree

lucas and olivia

there is magic in tiny drawings. don’t get me wrong, i have always loved going to the Met in NYC and standing thirty feet away from a giant masterpiece with my mouth hanging open, but the little stuff is cool too. when i do tiny drawings, little kids like it. i think it’s because they know they can put it in their pocket and go somewhere with it. i know that’s why i like it too. i can draw the world and put it away and then pull it out on a train on the way to see my mom.

i gave one of my little friends, who was (i think) three years old at the time, some little drawings of regular stuff. tiny pants and shoes and hats, all on separate pieces of two inch paper squares. her mother told me a couple days later that she had found each little drawing in individual socks in her daughter’s sock drawer! even more wonderful- she delivered some drawings to my doorstep soon after…sweet little darlin’.

it’s pretty good when that happens, right? yeah, it’s pretty cool.