drawing the hawk and the hare

by tobias crabtree

the hare

the first drawing in the series. my intention was to give the hare an expression that is not terror. there is a look that indicates he’s been in this position before and lived through it. after all, he’s a beast as well…he lives and breathes just like every lion and eagle and whale and bird. and, because he’s a beast from my imagination, he’s wearing a wrist watch (and wrist watches are so very old fashioned anymore).

the hawk

here’s the hawk,  solid and sure and well aware of what time it is. he too, has been here before. i first drew him with only the glasses and that set me to thinking about the suit coat and bow tie.

the hawk and the hare

the hawk and the hare. my intent, as i draw, is to allow for the story to unfold with as few words as possible. of course, these are words i’m typing in right now but i guess that’s what blogging is, duh. so i’m blogging about what i’m not writing in my drawings. alright, that’s it for me, i’m cutting myself off.